Future Trends / Futurists

  • Brett King

    Often referred to as The Disruptor, Brett King is known in financial circles as a Bank Futurist. Recently named

  • Alexander Blass

    One of today’s most acclaimed social entrepreneurs and innovators, Alexander Blass is a visionary who has improved and inspired countless lives across the globe. He invented and launched person-to-person charitable giving on the Internet, a revolutionary technology adopted in dozens of countries around the world. Blass is most famous for is leaving a high ranking […]

  • Philippa Gamse

    Web strategy pioneer, Philippa Gamse has been working with Internet applications since 1991. Long before most people saw the potential power of online communication tools, Philippa was an “Internet evangelist” for a major national nonprofit organization, inspiring her colleagues to work together online, and building the expertise that led to her form her own consulting […]

  • Geoffrey Moore

    Geoffrey Moore is a best-selling author, a managing director at TCG Advisors, and a venture partner at MDV.

  • Jeff Bauer

    Dr. Bauer is an internationally recognized health futurist and medical economist.  As an independent industry thought leader, he forecasts the evolution of health care and develops practical approaches to improving the medical sector of the American economy.  He is widely known for his specific proposals to create an efficient and effective health care delivery system […]

  • Ken Dychtwald

    Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D. is the nation’s foremost thought leader on population aging and its profound business, social, healthcare, financial, workforce and cultural implications. Over the next decade, leading industries, companies, governments, and major institutions will be challenged to transform their strategies, marketing, branding, distribution, product development, and workforce management to fully prepare for and capitalize […]

  • Watts Wacker

    Watts Wacker is one of the most celebrated and influential minds in modern business. A Time Magazine “Person of the Year” and one of the world’s most respected futurists, Wacker is a bestselling author, lecturer, political commentator and social critic. His uncommon versatility and vision has allowed him to help the world’s top corporations and […]

  • David Goldsmith

    In today’s economy, people are increasingly looking for answers, and they’re not seeing the same value in generic presentations of the past. They want someone to help them identify their challenges and to provide solutions to them. Leadership and management expert David Goldsmith is a consultant, advisor, NYU professor, speaker, telecast host, and author of […]

  • Rick Barrera

    Rick Barrera is a nationally acclaimed speaker, marketing consultant and author, known throughout the Fortune 500 for his extraordinary speaking ability and his unique approach to brand building. His research on the strategies used by breakthrough brands like Starbucks, Chico’s, Yellowfreight, Lexus, Tivo, and Google will change your thinking about marketing forever. Rick has helped […]