• Jan McInnis

    The business world is a gold mine for comedy. For comedienne and professional speaker Jan McInnis, her

  • Steve Rizzo

    Steve Rizzo is a motivational mechanic who tunes and tweaks each member of his audience to succeed at their full potential. Through the guise of humor, Steve teaches the methods for improving opportunities and provides the skills your group needs to get to a better place at work and in life. A place that brings […]

  • Durwood Fincher

    The unsuspecting don’t have a chance when Durwood Fincher, the greatest imposter of our time, baffles the collective mind of the audience with his double-talking genius. Introduced to your audience as an industry expert, Durwood Fincher begins speaking with enough rhetoric, jargon, buzzwords and hollow platitudes to spin heads. As audience members listen, they slowly […]

  • Harry Maurer

    When Harry R. Maurer steps onstage, magic happens — cards appear in a flash of fire, borrowed objects vanish and return — even live animals appear. But more than the “hocus pocus” that you’ve seen magicians perform time and again, Harry uses his engaging personality and a carefully blended combination of magic, comedy and audience […]

  • Kathy Buckley

    Kathy Buckley was born with a hearing loss that went undetected until she was eight and led to believe she was mentally retarded. She was sexually abused, run over by a car, and stricken with cancer all before the age of thirty. Rather than being consumed by grief, Kathy sought out laughter. She not only […]

  • Diana Jordan

    Keynote speaker and veteran stand-up comic Diana Jordan has developed a loyal following using humor that will leave your audience in stitches. Whether your group is looking for someone to address women’s health, healthcare in general, happiness or comedy, if it has to do with humor or being a female – Diana has something for […]

  • Mark Cordes

    Mark Cordes has been hailed by many critics as a “One Man Laugh Factory.” This inventive comedian and humorist is a guaranteed winner! Whether it’s a very special event, roast, awards program or a final event, he will customize his performance to meet your needs… Mark’s new program The Spouse Whisperer entertains the audience with […]

  • Business With Balls

    Business with Balls handles many different priorities in running a successful business. Juggling is an effective metaphor for handing business problems and priorities. Business With Balls provides a unique service by incorporating a company’s objectives into interactive and motivational sessions. They challenge people’s perceptions of their own learning ability and at the same time boost […]

  • Jay Leno

    Leno—who holds a place in the Television Hall of Fame—hardly needs an introduction. With greying hair and

  • Jeanne Robertson

    Jeanne Robertson is a professional speaker who specializes in hilarious humor based on her life experiences.

  • Flash Mob!

    What is a Flash Mob?? A Flash Mob is a spontaneous public performance that appears seemingly out of nowhere with just one person, grows to many people, then quickly disappears. Flash Mobs strive to CREATE JOY THRU SURPRISE. People who participate in a corporate flash mob feel like they’ve gotten to be a part of […]