Robin Crow

Robin Crow

American author, recording artist, and international keynote speaker. Robin’s expertise on leadership and




customer service comes from 30 years in the trenches as an entrepreneur and business owner. For the past 13 of those years, he has led his company, Dark Horse Recording, through dramatic technological and operational changes to achieve sustained success. By constantly reinventing the company, continually improving the Dark Horse brand, and relentlessly focusing on customer service, Robin has led Dark Horse Recording to become one of the most successful studio complexes in the world; home to Neil Diamond, Wynonna, Vince Gill, Faith Hill, Michael W. Smith, and countless others.





It happens all the time: ordinary people with extraordinary determinations go on to become great leaders. That’s because leadership has nothing to do with the title on your office door, and it’s not something that can be awarded or appointed. It must be earned. Leadership is not about ability;it’s about taking responsibility. In this keynote, you will learn the ten fundamentals that are paramount to becoming an effective leader, and how they can be applied to your life in absolutely any situation. Robin Crow shares the tools and strategies that he has used over the last 17 years to lead his company, Dark Horse Recording, to extraordinary, sustained profitability.

Evolve or Die:   Three Mission Critical Functions Guaranteed to Increase Your Performance and Profitability.

With resource shortages, financial uncertainty, and global hyper-competition in full swing, it’s a big scary world out there. Business is changing every day, and those changes are coming faster and faster. That’s why entrepreneurs and business leaders who best adapt to those changes are the ones who will win the biggest. Going forward, we must adapt to those changes, because creating more efficient business systems will become the Holy Grail of professional success. In this keynote (based on his book, Evolve or Die), Robin Crow will show you how these problems are actually huge opportunities and he will share solid examples of companies that have successfully reinvented themselves by adapting to ongoing events as they occur. Crow will also present his Seven Step Challenge, which will serve as a powerful tool to revitalize your business.

Businesses that adapt the fastest to change are the ones most likely to prosper. In this presentation Robin Crow will share with you the three Mission-Critical-Functions that will dramatically increase your ability to revitalize your business.

In this session attendees will learn:
• How to reenergize your sense of drive and commitment.
• Recognize your inherent resources and strengths.
• Enjoy and inspire greater confidence, passion and drive to succeed.
• How to achieve crystal-clear focus and direction.
• The three keys to creating a culture of passion with both colleagues and clients.

Participants will come away with practical advice they can put to work immediately that will help create more efficient organizations and processes – and more profitable results.





What Works What Doesn’t and Why

The 21st century will reward top performers who are committed to delivering a superior product and creating added value for their customers.The business landscape is changing every day, and to be consistently successful, you need every competitive advantage possible.

This breakout session is excellent for any entrepreneur or business who is ready to step up to the challenge of taking his or her company to the “next level.” No abstract theories here, only street-smart advice from someone who has spent decades in the trenches. As an entrepreneur and business owner for over 30 years, Robin Crow has gained a deep reservoir of experience in multiple business sectors. In this highly interactive session, Robin will be sharing critical factors for achieving sustained

growth. In a dynamic two-way conversation with your group, Robin offers practical solutions to meet the challenges they’re facing right here, right now.

In this breakout session you’ll learn:
•  Three strategies to help you stay one step ahead of the competition.
• How to stay focused on growth and profitability in an environment of chaos.
•  How to eliminate time and productivity wasters, enabling you to stay focused on your mission critical functions.
•  The four keys to a culture of innovation.
•  How to adapt to a changing global economy.

Your attendees will leave this interactive presentation inspired and better equipped to adapt to the changes necessary to grow their businesses.

The Power of Service: How to Energize Your Business by Developing a Culture of Exceeding Expectations
The difference between businesses that thrive and ones that struggle to keep the doors open boils down to one thing: how well their customers are served. The critical distinction is knowing how to expand your resources, maximize your efforts, and inspire your team to consistently put great service into practice. In this keynote, Robin Crow presents vivid examples of how great companies (including his own, Dark Horse Recording) have applied these principles to achieve sustained success.
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Robin Crow’s journey as an author, speaker, entrepreneur and CEO is an American success story. As a business leader, for over 30 years, Robin has gained a deep reservoir of experience in multiple business sectors.

He is the CEO of Dark Horse Recording, a scenic four-studio complex he built from the ground up. Now in its 23rd year, Dark Horse has attracted some of the most celebrated artists in the world, such as Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Jewel, Matchbox Twenty and countless others.

In 2010, Crow founded Dark Horse Institute (DHI), an accredited, for-profit academy to teach Audio Engineering, Film Production and Music Business to young entrepreneurs. The programs have experienced explosive growth while offering dramatic solutions to the challenges faced by traditional schools. DHI accelerates the learning process in an affordable, experiential learning environment, and in the process is changing the way education is conducted. Their goal is to create the most compelling educational model
 of the 21st century.

As an author and speaker Robin has directly impacted the lives of millions with his best-selling books, CDs, audio programs, and public speaking engagements. He has given over 2,200 presentations to a wide range of corporate and business audiences. His best-selling books include Evolve or Die, Rock Solid Leadership, and Jump and the Net Will Appear. Robin divides his time living in both Tennessee and Colorado.