Erik Wahl

Erik Wahl

Erik Wahl is a recognized artist and speaker who—using art as a vehicle—inspires professionals to achieve greater levels of performance.

Erik Wahl is a visionary whose unique presentations leverage his creative talent to become a visual metaphor to the core of his message: that creativity, innovation and the power to inspire as leaders lies within all of us. Erik’s unique understanding of this vision traces back to his experience as an artist. After first working in the business world for eight years as a partner in a corporate firm where he played with his passion for art, Erik now PLAYS in the business world by WORKING with his art. Erik’s sought after artwork can be seen hanging in executive offices around the world. And as one of the country’s top platform speakers, Erik shares his powerful message on creativity, leading change and innovative leadership that is as memorable as it is entertaining. He is the author of Unthink: Rediscover Your Creative Genius and Unchain the Elephant: Reframe Your Thinking to Unleash Your Potential.



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•   The Art of Vision

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•   Discovering Your Untapped Potential

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Groundbreaking Artist, Author and Expert on Creativity and Innovation

Erik Wahl is an internationally recognized graffiti artist, # 1 best-selling author and entrepreneur. He redefines the term “keynote speaker.” Pulling from his history as both a businessman and an artist, he has grown to become one of the most sought after corporate speakers available today. His on-stage painting seamlessly becomes a visual metaphor to the core of his message, encouraging organizations toward profitability through innovations and superior levels of performance. His list of clients includes AT&T, Disney, London School of Business, Microsoft, FedEx, Exxon Mobil, Ernst & Young and XPrize; and he has even been featured as a TED presenter. The responses received have been nothing short of incredible, with standing ovations to prove it.

Wahl’s bestselling business book UNTHINK was hailed by Forbes magazine as the blueprint to actionable creativity and by Fast Company magazine as provocative with a purpose.

Wahl’s understanding of vision was originally born in the school of disappointment. After an eight-year career as a partner in a corporate firm, he became frustrated by the lack of innovative thought and corresponding profits he saw in business. So he set out to challenge companies to change their way of thinking, while simultaneously pursuing his own individual passions. He rediscovered his love for art, and now plays in the business world by working through his art.

In the past 10 years, he has shared his incredible message with the largest and most influential companies in the world, leaving behind his prized artwork as a reminder of his passion for breakthrough thinking. He’s the Warhol of Wall Street, the Renoir of ROI, the Picasso of productivity, the Jobs of… well, having a job.

He is Erik Wahl: graffiti artist, author, entrepreneur and philanthropist.