Curt Hébert

Curt Hébert

Curt is one of very few people that has done extensive research, publication,  speeches and interviews on both infrastructure and cybersecurity with a deep understanding and experience in the energy fields.  

The smart technologies have to make the business case from a financial point of view, but also from a security point of view.

Curt also happens to be a rare bird in that he has served and regulated at the local, state and federal levels and served as Chairman in all regulatory capacities and done work internationally as well as being an attorney and second in command for a Fortune 250 company for a decade.

His experiences (regulatory, regulated, atty) have given him a prism to look through which allows clients to see a perspective that allows them to deliver energy that can be compelling to regulators, customers and shareholders (corporate).  Making  all three happy is challenging, but Curt has been down all 3 roads.


Hébert served four years in Washington as a presidential appointee to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). He was nominated to a Republican seat on FERC by President Clinton in 1997 and named chair by President Bush in January 2001. At 38 years of age, he became the youngest chairman in FERC’s history. During Hébert’s tenure at FERC, he led efforts to restructure the electric utility and natural gas pipeline industries to promote competition.

He is currently a partner with Brunini, Grantham, Grower & Hewes, PLLC. He is the former chief executive officer of Lexicon Strategy Group, LLC, a firm that focuses on policy and regulatory issues in the financial, energy, and governmental sectors.

Previously, Hébert was executive vice president of eternal affairs at Entergy, where he supervised the company’s system regulatory efforts and strategies, system and federal government relations, environmental policy, external and internal communications, and corporate contribution functions.

He earned degrees from The University of Southern Mississippi and the Mississippi College School of Law, and completed the Nuclear Reactor Technology Program at MIT. Hébert is a member of the Mississippi bar.