Dean Lindsay

Dean Lindsay

Recognized Sales and Networking Guru, Best Selling Author, “The Progress Challenge”   If you need an authority

on harnessing human potential, improving productivity, and creating authentic business growth, Dean is it.

Dean shares the important connection between sales, motivation, solid customer care and leadership with his dynamic communication style.


From Stress to PROGRESS! : Insights on Working and Winning in a World of Change

How to deal with or relate to the stressful stimuli in this high-tech, low-touch world of speed-of-light change is a vital and important topic that desperately needs discussion.  Check this: Stress not only limits your progress; stress can and will kill you (if you don’t take action)! – The American Medical Association says that stress is now the basic cause of over 60% of all diseases and illnesses (cancer, heart problems, etc.). – Stress-related problems, according to the American Institute for Stress, are responsible for 75 % to 90 % of doctor visits. – A study conducted by the University of London found that unmanaged reactions to stress were more likely to lead to cancer and heart disease than either smoking cigarettes or eating foods high in the bad kind of cholesterol.

Often, we invest so much time dealing with stress that we don’t take time to progress.

Dean Lindsay’s “From Stress to Progress” program based on his book, The Progress Challenge, offers tips and strategies to go from stress to progress!!

The Progress Challenge:  Working and Winning in a World of Change

The Progress Challenge is just that, a challenge – a challenge to progress, a challenge to work and win in this world of continual, mind-spinning change.  Meeting this challenge creates better leaders, better team members, better human beings.

Cracking the Networking CODE – 4 Steps to Priceless Business Relationships

You can’t achieve your best without learning the all-important art of connecting. Dean Lindsay’s rip-roaring CODE Cracking programs, based on his best selling business book Cracking the Networking CODE: 4 Steps to Priceless Relationships, are filled with fresh insights to build meaningful, profitable, win-win relationships for business and life.

Cherishing Customers – Earning and Maintaining Customer Loyalty in a Down Economy

In tough economic times, Customer service IS the difference between success and failure. This innovative program encourages participants to internalize three powerful insights about customers and introduces them to unique and powerful models for inspiring true customer loyalty.

Be a BAM – Seven Keys to Becoming a BUSINESS ATTRACTION MAGNET!!!

The days of the “Surefire Closing Statement” and the “Glad-handing Slick Salesman” are long gone.  The business of sales is the business of ATTRACTION. We are attracted to products, services, ideas, and people that we TRUST can help us PROGRESS.

The Rise of PROGRESS LEADERSHIP – Change Management Training for a PROGRESS Based World

The problem with the term “change management” is that no one really desires to change or plans to change. We desire and plan to progress.  Based on Dean’s The Progress Challenge: Working and Winning in a World of Change.

DISC y Business – Customized DISC Social Styles Training and DISC Profiles 

With enhanced cooperation, acceptance, trust and understanding your organization can be more cohesive, competitive, productive and efficient than ever before. Without them, your organization can be brought to a near stand still by poor communication, weak sales and internal conflict.

Stop, BOP and Roll – Finding PROGRESS in Change

The ailing economy and the tough business climate (not to mention the real climate) make it easy to understand why so many people have trouble finding ways to get and stay moving toward progress. Yet, opportunities for progress still exist, even in the most challenging of times.

Diving For Referral Pearls  – Cultivating Quality Referrals

Cultivating Quality Referrals is VITAL for sales in today’s tough economic times. In this motivational, thought provoking and highly entertaining program, Dean digs deep into the three keys to Consistently Cultivating Quality Referrals.

Always TIME to Progress!! – Time Management Training is Really SELF Management Training

“We don’t find time or make it; we schedule time and take it.” – Dean Lindsay
Each of us is invest some of our time in daily activities that do not serve our goals.  Time is the great equalizer. Learning and consistently utilizing effective time management strategies turns a perishable resource into a source of productivity and profits.

Big PHAT Goals  Crafting and Committing to Progress-Based GOALS!!!

Big PHAT Goals is designed for organizations that view their payroll as an investment rather than an expense and are committed to retaining and developing committed self motivated team players.   The Big PHAT Goals Program is designed to Align Personal Goals with Organizational Objectives and includes A Progress Agent’s Six Rules for Goal-Crafting found in Dean’s book, The Progress Challenge.

Progress Takes Persistence

“Progress does not demand perfection, only persistence.” – Dean Lindsay
The hardest aspect of goal achievement is not in crafting a goal or even in knowing how to achieve it. The real challenge is staying connected to the passion and understanding of WHY.


Spotlighted as an outstanding speaker by the International Association of Speakers Bureaus and hailed as a ‘Sales-and-Networking Guru’ by the Dallas Business Journal, Dean Lindsay delivers killer keynotes, breakouts, general-session presentations, and interactive boot camps that build Priceless Business Relationships: the key to Productivity, Solid Customer Care, Cultivating Quality Referrals and More Sales.

With his refreshingly dynamic communication skills, Dean shares the important connection between sales, motivation, solid customer care and leadership. His humorously effective, down-to-earth speaking and consulting style positions ideas, recommendations, solutions, products, services — even ourselves — as progress in minds of those we wish to inspire to action. Dean believes that “progress is change but not all change is progress.” Dean advocates people to become a Progress Agent and “Be Progress.”

Dean Lindsay’s top-selling Amazon business book, Cracking the Networking Code: 4 Steps to Priceless Business Relationships is recommended reading by the United Professional Sales Association and Profit magazine. His writing has been endorsed by Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager, and Brian Tracy, along with many others.

Dean Lindsay is also a featured contributor to Executive Travel, Sales and Service Excellence and the American Management Association’s Moving Ahead magazine as well as the nationally distributed audio publication Selling Power Live.

Dean’s humorous yet highly practical approach to meeting, connecting, and developing long-term relationships with others is perfect for any audience. The subject matter is practical and can be easily applied to all aspects of business life.

Dean is an avid runner and has completed the Stockholm Marathon in Stockholm, Sweden, and the Motorola Marathon in Austin, Texas. He lives in the Dallas suburbs of Texas with his wife Lena and their two strong, wonderfully nutty daughters, Sofia and Ella.